Posted by: edschepis | April 15, 2010

Certified Scrum Professional

Certified Scrum Professional

Today I’ve received the news: my submission for CSP has been accepted by Scrum Alliance!

Soon after my certification as Scrum Master in January (with a great 3 days course by Craig Larman), I’ve started looking for the next step (CSP).
The CSP certification (formerly Certified Scrum Practicioner, now Professional) is not just a matter of a course and some online exam, it’s something really different.

From the ScrumAlliance website:

Becoming a Certified Scrum Professional is not easy. You will need to demonstrate that you have at least one year of actual experience using Scrum on a project, that you know how to apply Scrum concepts, practices, and principles, and that you understand how and why Scrum works. Potential employers can be assured that when someone is a CSP they have taken the initative to go beyond a foundation-level understanding to achieve a depth of knowledge and experience in the Scrum process.

So I’ve submitted my application form, telling my story and demonstrating how deep we’re applying Scrum in Funambol, challenging ourselves day by day for the best Scrum application we can do.

One month later they accepted my submission, I’ve paid my $250 certification fee and so here I am: CSP.

The next levels for certifications are Coach (CSC) and Trainer (CST).

But… it’s a big step forward:

  1. they cost much more: $100 non-refundable application fee +
    CSC = initial fee of $750 + subsequent annual renewal fees of $750
    CST = $7500 upon acceptance of application + $7500 for second and subsequent years (yes 7500)
  2. you have to demonstrate that you coached or trained people for some years, send clients reference letters, wait that the round of certification will be open again for the trainer level, ….

For the moment I’m ok with CSP, but who knows in the future… becoming CST would mean a new step in my career as a Trainer, and at the moment I’m happy with my current job.



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  3. Can you help me on CSP? How you had filled application? Can you give me your application copy to guide me?
    Thanks in anticipation!

  4. Can you share what you wrote in your CSP Application? I am a practicing CSM and my company has some new opportunities in which I will need to become CST. Any advice on the CSP would be appreciated. Thx.

  5. You’re lucky )) You didn’t have to pass the exam. Nevertheless soon it will expire and you’ll join us )

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