Posted by: edschepis | April 14, 2010

Don’t overlook the Scrum Master checklist

Scrum Master Checklist

I was looking for this checklist since some months and now that I’ve found I’ll put it on my desk as a reminder.

It’s a great collection of all the tasks that a Scrum Master should do in a company and it helps a lot to share the meaning of a Scrum Master role within the organization. Sometimes I can read the following question in some eyes… “What the heck a Scrum Master does? Isn’t it all a matter of team working?”

You can be a good Scrum Master, handling more than one team at a time, but you can be a great Scrum Master handling only one team at a time (specially in the early stages). And it’s all related to the time you spend on the those tasks.

Michael James from Danube Technologies (recently acquired by Collabnet) published this great list where you can find the following areas of tuning:

  1. How is my Product Owner doing?
  2. How is my team doing?
  3. How are our engineering practices doing?
  4. How is the organization doing?

And there is also a video to invite to check the list and a pdf.

I think this list can help you to become a Full-Time Facilitator and not just the guardian of the Scrum process: organizing meetings, enforcing timeboxes and responding to the impediments are the minority of the tasks that make a Scrum Master.

I strongly recommend to identify what you’re currently missing from that list and prioritize the items (yes just like the backlog of your release), starting to work item by item, iteration by iteration.

So I’m going to have my sprint backlog, planning and… you know what?… a sprint review meeting with the scrum team and the product owner. It could be a good idea to share the improvements within the company.

The first tasks candidate for my first sprint should be the following:

  • Are team members spending some of their time in the state of flow?
  • Has the team kept focus on acceptance criteria?
  • Is the appropriate amount of inter-team communication happening?

Let’s try to keep the backlog short and avoid over-commitments 😉



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